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Group of 4 hunter, bow, rifle, crossbow, highveld, bushveld

various plains game and a Lion hunt.  What a blast!


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Epic African hunting experience


What a fantastic group of hunters.  It was truly a great honor and extreme fun to host you guys.  Ryan and his son Clay joined by cousin Codi Oberholtzer and friend Tim Ewing, made quite the hunting group.  What an epic adventure for all.  The hunt started out in the Highveld where the conditions wasn't easy. The animals in the Highveld was very alert and with such windy conditions the shots was long and far.  But these hunters was able to harvest all the animals they were going for.  After hunting Blackwildebeest, White Blesbuck and Sable we moved up to the Bushveld.


We had so many great moments, jokes and encounters it like making a lifetime of memories in a single hunt.  Thanks for sharing some first, like Codi to Africa, hunting a Lion with a Bow and shooting 8 different species in one day.  We must commend you on the spectacular trophy quality you were able to take home, including that magnificent Nyala, Gemsbuck, Bushbuck not to mention that Kudu.  I am still not over the size of the Eland!


These hunter made the most of every moment on this hunt!  We enjoyed the time in the bush and also around the campfire.  We would love to meet the ladies who can keep up with  you.


We know we will see you again!  Happy hunting until then.  Thank you for choosing African Barefoot Safaris as your host to hunting Africa.


It was Epic!



Bill Barker       -       June 2016      -      Alberta Canada

Bill Barker and hunting buddy Glen Henderson hunted the Bushveld with their bows.  Also the very first official clients in new camp



Bill Barker has been to Africa.  In your wildest dreams you would not have expected these great african animals to be taken by one hunter

in one trip, with a bow!  Congratulations on each and every animal you harvested.  Great patience, great shot placement, great trophies.  I dont

know many hunters who can add Steenbuck, 2 duiker and a mountain reedbuck to their list.  This was an exceptional trip.  We are very proud and

delighted that we could have been part of this.


Well done.  I am so looking forward to hosting you 2018.


We would like to thank you for supporting the blue Bag initiative from SCI.  Thanks for helping Abraham Kriel orphanage with all your gifts, toys and

so many much needed things.  Thanks for my #hand knitted scarf.  Your not only a great hunter but has a heart of gold.


Bill Barker

Bow & Arrow





Glenn Henderson     -        June 2016                -           Alberta Canada

Glenn Henderson and hunting Buddy Bill Barker hunted the bushveld with their bows.



Glenn Hendersen and Bill Barker are both experienced bowhunters, with various animals under the belt.  These two hunting buddies set out to come and hunt Africa.  Bill has been to Africa before but this was a first timer for Glenn.


Glenn was able to harvest a stunning Nyala Bull, Bluewildebeest and 2 great warthog boars.  He however was still looking for the elusive grey ghost of the bushveld.  African Barefoot Safaris has a 100% success rate on bow hunting a kudu bull.  But boy did Glenn make us sweat. He shot this great trophy on the very last day of the hunt, just before departing for the airport.


It was such and interested two weeks with you guys and we are looking forward to 2018.  Cant wait to host you again.


We would also like to thank you once more an behalf of Abraham Kriel orphanage for your generosity in bringing over all those needed things.  Thanks for supporting the SCI blue Bag initiative


Name:  Glenn Henderson

Equipment:  Bow and arrow




Ty and Rihana Cary               -     April 2016     -                          Origon

Ty & Rihana Cary joined their friends Josh and Sarah Bowmar on their very first African experience

Name Ty and Rihana Cary

Equipment: Bowtech BTX and Bowtech Eva shockey series

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Follow them @standingbuckproduction instagram


Josh and Sarah Bowmar                -     April 2016     -                 Ohio

Josh, Sarah and their friend Ty and Rihana joined for their very first african hunt


Name: Josh and Sarah Bowmar

Equipment: Bowtech - BTX   and   Bowtech Eva Shockey series

Follow them on Instagram @bowmarbowhunting



Dan Shaw     -     August 2015     -      USA

Dan and Roger came as two friend to enjoy Africa and they did!

Dan and Roger has been friends for many years.  After meeting them both I know why.  Great hunters, great enthusiasm and great people.  Dan thank you so much for being our very first "Stick" hunter.  What a great sportsman you are.  Congratulations on your fantastic hunt.  We would love spending time with you and the misses.  She also seem like a very nice lady and we would love to show her Afria too.


Name:   Dan Shaw

Equipment:  Longbow




Roger Johnson     -     August 2015     -     USA

Roger was joined by life long friend Danny Shaw for a great Bushveld Bow hunt


When changing your mind is the right thing to do.


Roger was booked and ready to go to Africa when he noticed African Barefoot Safaris special on Bowsite.  Even though he paid deposit to a different outfit he decided to change and booked his trip with us.  Roger did fantastic with his bow taking down the flying arrow package and more.  We enjoyed the evenings around the camp fire with stories from hunts and special times in the past.  These two guys were easy to hunt with and fantastic to get to know them.  Thanks for your efforts in building South Africa by giving the local children stationary and toys!  Thanks for spending 10 days with African Barefoot Safaris and our family.


We hope that we get to meet your family soon and are looking forward to hosting them for an all out African adventure.


Name: Roger Johnson

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Equipment:  Bow hunt only

Next hunt:  Family hunting trip with elephant rides and curio shopping!




Schwartz Family      -     August 2015     -     Wisconsin

This Hunting family of 5 all got some great trophies on their family African experience




Our family Hunting trip to South Africa!  Winter time there so 70 s in the day and low 40s at night and very little vegetation.  What an amazing unique opportunity to hunt on a different continent! This is a hunter's dream come true and I would easily take the opportunity again.


We felt safe in Africa the entire trip.  We used crossbows for all the kills except one.  On the bow hunt only property the animals are less jumpy and can be watched from the trucks. The African country side is is beautiful!  All the is being ate by locals and even the guts!  Dry out the stomach and they eat it just like that!


We tried some traditional food and had game including my favorite Kudu and Eland.  Also had Sable, Gemsbuck, Bushbuck and Impala.  Any questions about this trip just ask


Written by Anna Schwartz: 4 Animals with 4 shots!  Well done girl


Name: Bob Laura Anna Alex and Ryan Schwarts

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Equipment:  Cross Bow

Taken: 2 Kudu, Redhartebeest, Zebra, Eland, Warthog, Gemsbuck, Waterbuck, 2 Bushbuck

2 Impala, 2 Blesbuck,2 Bluewildebeest and Baboon.




Brendan Kling    -   July 2015     -   Las Angeles

Brendan ended a working contract with a 5 Bow hunt and ended hunting a Warthog, Impala and Kudu.







Just wanted to take a second to write you thanking you for everything you guys did this past week in making one of the most memorable and life changing experiences I have had which will forever be burned into my brain.


I could tell from the inviting email responses back from you that African Barefoot Safaris was my place to be for my first African hunt and I was not wrong!


With most outfitters really caring about the money they will be receiving, you guys had a different approach which was to take care of the gust and make them feel welcomed - which you did and more!


From the delicious food to the comfortable lodge in a beautiful setting to the cosy beds and everything in between, this is hands down something everyone should experience at least once in their life - hunting or not.


Thank you for letting me be a part of your family for a week.  I cant wait to be back there making more memories!


Till next time: Your newest family member from Los Angeles


Name: Brendan Kling

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Equipment:   Bow hunt only!  

To do list:  Blesbuck, Waterbuck, Wildebeest and Zebra


Rachael Byrd    -   July 2015     -   South Dekota

Rachael joined her friends and co workers for her first of many African hunts.






So much more than what I expected.


I just had the most amazing experience I could have ever imagined.  I went to South Africa!  I am truly blessed to have had this opportunity.  From the hunting to the cultural experience in Lesedi, this trip was filled with awesome adventures.  I am so glad I got so spend it with such an awesome group.  For those who have ever thought about going to Afirca...stop thinking and just go!  It s a trip of a lifetime and you wont have any regrets.  Thanks you to all those who helped make this trip a possibility and supported me in going.  I hope you all enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoy the memories


Name: Rachael Byrd


Phone: +1 605 214 2013

Equipment:  Hoyt bow  

To do list:  I must come and show my dad how awsome a hunt in Africa is!


Brittaney Salonen     -   July 2015     -   South Dekota

Brittaney joined their friends and co workers for her very first and hunt and also first time to AFRICA








I only started shooting my bow literally a month before going to Africa.  As always I was very exited and wanted to make the most of the trip.  Rassie (PH) and I spend the first few days in the blind.  We saw many different animals some great trophies too.  My first shot was at a rabbit and my broadhead made sparks as it blow off the nearest rocks.  I nearly thought this was going to be a start of a bush fire.  But luckily not.


I fell in love with the elevated blind and spend 90% of my hunting time in this blind.  I was able to hunt a waterbuck female with my friend and boss Burce Cull.   What a beautiful animal.

It was so nice to see some special African jewellery pieces showcased at the lodge one evening.  I am now a proud owner of a tanzanite ring!  I truly enjoyed the elephant ride.  Once again had no idea what to expect.  They were so big!  Rachael and I went first and ended up on Micky the biggest Elephant of them all.


After having a great shopping spree in Vaalwaters curio shop we went off to Pilanesburg National Reserve.  It was fantastic.  The rooms, food, gamedrives, view.  Everythings was awesome.  We saw the lion and lioness in the tall grass and even spend our last night dining in a great open bush lapa.


After the 2 days there, we finished our African experience by visiting Lesedi Cultural village.  What an amzing experience seeing them dance in their traditional  outfits and how they lived in their traditional huts.


I don't think I could have asked for anything more.  Next time I will be more prepared for the hunting and bring back a zebra for sure!


Thanks for Reon and Elmay as well as Bruce Cull and the rest of our group for making this so exiting and eventful.  I will forever have the greatest memories of my 2 weeks in Africa.


Name: Brittaney Salonen


Phone: +1 605 661 6256

Equipment:  All my equipment was brand new.  Hoyt of course

To do list:  I would love to come back prepaired well enough to take a zebra and Kudu


Bruce Cull     -   July 2015     -   South Dekota

Bruce Cull, Elliot Nysven, Gabby Keiser, Scott Keiser joined more friends and family on this great hunt.





Written by Gabby Keiser


Africa was a true blessing and I can not thank those who made it happen enough!  In the two weeks that we were these, we made memories that will last a life time.  Nothing was better than going on a hunting trip, with the people that you love, and enjoying such a great experience at the same time. I didn't get my Gemsbuck I went for , but shot 3 beautiful animals and enjoyed every bit of it, so that's all that matters,  I cant wait to return next Summer!


Name: Bruce Cull

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone: +1 605 661 0877

Equipment:  Hoyt Alpha Max, beamen hunter arrows

To do list:  To return to Africa a much as possible and hunt over and over again


Bill & Maddison Hewes     -   July 2015     -   South Dekota

This daughter and father son rocked with hery Hoyt bows.







Name: Bill and Maddison Hewes



Equipment:  Hoyt  with Beman Bow Hunter arrows

To do list: 


Regan Sweeney     -     June 2015     -     Wisconsin

Reegan joined his friends Paul and Eric on his very first African hunt.  What a HUNT!







Name: Reegan Sweeney

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Equipment:  He started off with his rifle but enjoyed cross bow hunting too

To do list:  Great old Dugga buffalo bull


Paul Mercier     -     June 2015     -     Boise Idaho



Paul and Lisa African Adventure Take 2


When Paul and Lisa visited Africa for the first time in 2013 we had some unusual experiences - first time to Africa - first time hunting in Africa - 20 year wedding vows renewal - engagement.  So to top such a great first African visit was a challenge.  BUT I am glad to say that WE DID.  Not only did Paul have an exceptional hunt taking two of the biggest warthog bores I have ever seen.  He also added impala waterbuck blue wildebeest and gemsbuck to his list of successful hunts.


Lisa spend the first week in the blind with Paul and they sow many animals.  Some of the best pictures I must say!  We did a jewellery party at the lodge and scored some fantastic original African pieces.


The last couple of days, the ladies and I went to town.  We visited the Curio shop in the biggest city in Limpopo Polokwane and also did a rural area tour.  We went to ride the elephants in Vaalwater one of the smaller towns and shopped some more.  Pilanesburg national nature reserve was up next.  Here we were able to see a Rhino with her calve, monkeys, warthogs, elephants, crocodiles and hippos not to mention the giraffes and all the rest.  Our second last night in Africa was spend in a luxury Casino and Hotel on the border of Johannesburg/Pretoria.  For our last day we visited the Cradle of human kind, were we saw many interesting million year old remains.


Our last night was at Lesedi cultural village.  Great!  We spend some time in traditional African huts, enjoyed a group of African dancers performing different styles around the camp fire and ended with a traditional African Dinner.


It was a jam-packed hunt and ended with an exiting side tour.


Written by Elmay van Tonder

If you have any questions being a non hunter you can contact Lisa Mercier



Erick , Nicki, Sarah and Alli Scott        -     June 2015     -        Westconsen



Erick Scott and Nicki Scott (got engaged at leopard blind in 2013) ARE BACK!


Erick and Nicki came back to hunt Africa again.  Joined by their good friends Paul and Lisa Mercier and also by Ericks two girls Sarah and Alli.


Written by non hunter Alli Scott

I came to Africa with my Dad, Step M


I had a wonderful time.  Elmay let me tag along with her since I dont hunt.  I did everything from exercise classes in the local town Marken, to helping Elmay run errands, to making muffins playing with Lane and JJ, assisting with the recovery, photos, and pic up of animals shot and many other great truly local experiences.


We also did a few day trips, we visited Mokopane a developing rural town about an hour away, and also Polokwane the largest town in the Northen province.

We enriched our tour by visiting Cradle of Humankind and Lesedi (cultural village) with various curio shops on the way in the Gauteng province. Pilanesberg nature reserve is in the North West province and we were fortunate to even work in a day there!.


My personal favorite was an elephant ride through the bush.


I couldnt have imagined a better trip.  It was truly life changing!  I cant thank the whole Barefoot Team enough.  I cant wait to go back.














Greg Tiegen     -     March 2015     -  Alberta Cananda

Greg Hunted the Bushveld with his rifle and mixed things up taking a Warthog with the crossbow



Hunting Africa for the very first time

What a fantastic hunt to kick off the 2015 hunting season.  Greg did a great job taking 5 animals with only 4 bullets and one arrow.  His story in his own words to follow soon.

Name: Greg Tiegen

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone: 403 562 8554

Equipment: Rifle .300 Winchester win Mag 165gr Federals (Rented from Reon)

Next Trip:  Would like to return with his son in 2017




Jim and Shelly Stephens     -     Sep 2014     - Illinois


(Jim and his wife Shelly come for an intensive bow hunt with lots of extras)




Jim was able to harvest two zebra, impala, waterbuck, Kudu a few babboons and a bluewildebeest.  All with his bow.  His wife Shelly was in the blind with him for most of these hunts.  Shelly also enjoyed her #th birthday while on safari and was treated to a half day spa.  She also did a big 5 game drive with Jim and a Bushveld sightseeing tour and curio shopping.  Thanks to the both of you for allowing African Barefoot Safari to share such a great milestone in your lives with us.  Looking forward to seeing you again.


Jim and Shelly Stephens

Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it         217-273-4169                                    

Equipment: Elite Energy 35

Muzzy 3 blades

Next Trip: As soon as my house is build, I can lock it an come visit Africa again




Rodger and Tyler Coventry     -     May 2014     -     USA Illinois

Rodger brought his son Tyler for an exiting rifle hunt in the Bushveld

We planned a hunt with African Barefoot Safaris late 2013 for a May 21st to June 3rd 2014 hunt. It was going to be the first time in Africa for both my father and I.

It quickly turned into preparation mode. We started with gun choice, ammo choice, equipment choice, and physical conditioning. Once we hit the African soil we knew we it wouldn’t be our last trip.

It started with seeing Reon and Rassie at the airport to greet us. One was built like a rugby player (Reon) and the other looked like he wasn’t old enough to drive (Rassie). After the first day we knew they were tough guys, and willing to do whatever it took to get us our trophies.

Our trip was everything we could imagine and more.

It was truly a hunt, and you got out of it what you put in. The early morning strolls through the Bushveld provided us with seeing more game in the first 2 hrs. than we have seen in a lifetime here in Central IL.  The Bushveld is tough country and will definitely make you work for opportunities to harvest an animal.

Reon and Rassie can see things that we can’t due to the years and time they have put into hunting and stalking. There were several times I heard  ”Kudu Bull” and him pointing, but all I saw was trees, followed by the nod of my head. All in all it was a great hunt, along with their willingness to give you every opportunity to get your trophies. I was fortunate enough to get everything I planned on (Kudu, Gemsbok, Warthog, Impala, Blesbok) with plenty of opportunities for other species.

I celebrated my 37th birthday in Africa, and was given a nice BBQ of Kudu, Gemsbok and Impala along with a birthday cake and candles, which shows how well they treat you.

Accommodations were excellent along with the food and an after hunt libation of Amarula or African beer. My most enjoyable hunt was the Gemsbok and Kudu as it was a long difficult stalk. Reon stated, “the bush will provide” and he was right.

Please feel free to contact me if you are thinking about a hunt or have any questions regarding a hunt with African Barefoot Safaris.

Tyler Coventry

Equipment: Remington 700   30-06

Contact: 217 972 9192

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Next Hunt: 2017 for my 40th

Rodger Coventry

Equipment: Custom Build 338-06

Contact:   217 454 4370

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Best thing:  Adding Africa to my bucket list





Forrest Anderson     -     Sep 2013     - USA


(Forrest 2nd trip to Africa and he bow hunted the bushveld as a 1-on-1 client)




Reon elmay sissy JJ & staff.

I wanted to thank you for the most AWESOME adventure I have ever been on.

Everyone went out of their way. Reon worked very hard to put me in the right place to get a shot & see a lot of game.

The Hyde's are the best I have ever hunted quite & dark.

The food and accommodations are tops. Also thank you for the recovery of my water buck & getting to the taxidermy.

Thank again for a fantastic hunt.

Forrest Anderson


Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it                                                  Equipment: Bow and arrows did it all

Next trip:  I would love to take my wife on my next trip




Mike Shepherd & Girlfriend Christelle      -     July/Aug 2013     -     Canada


(This couple joined a larger hunting group and did both bow and rifle hunting with and elephant ride and sightseeing as well)





Mike and Christelle - Living it large in Africa

If we had to use one word to describe our South African trip it would be awesome.

I went on this trip with my boyfriend, not really  knowing anything about the animals. Mike on the other hand was well prepared and definitely know what he wanted!  We quickly came to realize that Reon would do everything he could to help Mike get his trophies and ensure that our trip was the best possible for both of us. his hard worked paid of since we got 11 different species. We stayed at the main lodge with comfortable rooms and an impressive sunrise view over the valley. Everything kept spotless and in good order.  The food was delicious!  I enjoyed the atmosphere in the lodge with Elmay the children and Dixi their dog joining us.  It felt like staying with family.


Each day started with delicious breakfast, then out to the blind with our lunch packs and a phone.  And a great expectation of whats to come. The blinds are strategically placed over the property, some pitblind and some high up. never knowing what animal will come in next..I loved it! Often we saw the guinea fowl and warthogs followed by die big game we were there to hunt. We had to be super quite and patient.  Bow hunting is a challenge. We changed things up and rifled hunted too, out to nearby properties on the back of the pick up looking for next trophy. After great great supper and tasty desserts in the evening we spend time round the camp fire exchanging hunting stories of the day.


Not just hunting we visited the nearby town, a little zoo, big game- gamedrive and also took an elephant ride.  The elephants were so gentle despite their size! Great walk in their natural habitat seeing al sorts a game, including Zebra.

The most impressive moment was seeing mike hunt down his crocodile.  Close to the Botswana border we camped in a thatched roof lodge waiting for the sun to warm up for the crocodiles to come out of the water.  Exiting.  We walked very silently to the pond.  On the edge, there was a huge fat crocodile warming itself in the mud.  So impressive!  I stayed back with my Ph and filmed Mike and his Ph as they moved to a better shooting angle. BANG! One shot in the heart. BANG! one in the lungs.  We had our crocodile! How exiting! Am am very proud of Mike and his 12 foot trophy.

Mikes most impressive hunt was hunting the elusive Redheartebeest.  Right at the end of the day towards sunset, Reon spotted them.  They started stalking, being in the open and very visible Reon used the shooting sticks to resemble Gemsbuck horns and Mikes followed close behind him. It worked well as the Impalas lest them pass by close enough to get a short at 80 yards.  Mike made a great heart shot and will certainly remember that stalk forever!

Most difficult was tracking our Zebra for so long in the Bush.  Mike shot the stallion at 150 yards, but a bit to far back.  Like many right hand shooter do..he pulled right...  So we embarked on a tracking adventure!  We tracked for 6km and about 3 hours with our PH and the tracker nicknamed impala. The tracking was amazing at one point we lost blood and for 45minutes  he kept following faint tracks in the sand.  A wild choose chaise, I thought. But there is was 200 yards away.  Mike made the perfect neck shot, and the stallion was down.  What a relieve to have found such a beautiful animal.  This hunt turned into a sort of quest and we will both remember if for the rest of our lives.


Mike & Christelle

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it               Equipment: Cross Bow and Rifle

Contact: 780 404 5722                                   Next Hunt: 2015- See you soon Africa for Lion & Buffalo




Brad and Faye Ewing   -    July/Aug 2013    -       From Alberta Canada


(Married couple was part of a larger hunting party with experienced hunters, novice hunters bow and rifle hunters and observers)     




Our African Experience

This was the trip of a lifetime, I have always dreamed of hunting in Africa, Reon, Elmay and our PH’s made our experience one we will never forget.  They worked very hard to ensure that we had the trip that we were dreaming of.  I successfully hunted more animals than I originally had on my wish list, all thanks to Reon’s resourcefulness.  The accommodation and food were excellent; Salamina and staff provided us with excellent meals.  Tracker Sammy could find tracks that I couldn’t even see.  As I spent my days enjoying the hunt, my wife enjoyed taking photographs and touring with Elmay.  Evenings spent by the fire enjoying sun downers were very relaxing and an awesome way to end a great day of hunting.  Even as we were leaving to journey home we were already planning our next trip back to Africa.

A big Thank you to Reon and Elmay for memories that will last for a lifetime, or until we journey back to make new ones.

Brad and Faye Ewing

Email:       This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it                     Next hunt: 2015 to get a big Buffalo

Contact:  780 834 6848                             Equipment: Cross Bow and Rifle





Lance Oriold     -     Jul/Aug 2013     -     From Cananda


(Lance the true batchelor joined the Canadian hunting party and did rifle hunting)




Lance the loose one.

My hunt with African Barefoot Safaris was a life long dream and Reon and the Staff was great!  Everything from the hunting and the evenings st the lodge was awesome, tons of laughs and awesome shooting.  I highly recommend it!!!!  Be prepared for the most fun ever

Lance Oriold

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it               Equipment: Rifle hunting in the Bushveld

Contact: 403 308 5936                           Next trip: 2015 with my dad and friend.  Cant wait!!!




Canadian hunting group 2013 - Bow Hunting


Name: Tim Ewing

Phone: 403 627 9847

From: Alberta Cananda

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Trips to Africa:

Next trip:

Dream hunt:

Greatest hunt:

Hunting Area: Bushveld

Marken. Limpopo


Trophies hunted: 



To do list:


Tim the instigator

Tim has been over to Africa and since his very first visit he know he would be hooked forever.  Being very fortunate to escort both Tanya and Tyler on this trip, its safe to say they all had an unforgettable experience.









Ryan and Clay Leismeister     -     July/Aug 2013     -     Cananda


(This Father and son team rocked, rifle hunting in the bushveld. They joined a larger hunting group)





Hunting Africa with my Dad.

I have always had this wild dream of going to Africa and never really thought that i was going to see the dark continent.  I watch a lot of hunting shows about Africa, but none of them compared to the experiences and great memories I had shared with African Barefoot Safaris.

Everyday was action packed with lots of exotic game, laughting, great food, and lots of killing.

I had a great time determining wich was better, the day hunting or getting back to the lodge exchanging hunting stories.  Or getting to know people we had never met before this safari.  We never thought that this safaris would tern out so well.  All together we shot 15 animals with 1 shot each and no misses.  We made our Ph's job a lot easier.


It was such a thrill everyday but it could have been another week longer.  I can't wait to go back in 3 years and spend more time with my dad on another African Barefoot Hunting Safari.

If you have ever wanted to take a couple weeks off and have an amazing hunting trip, then African Barefoot Safaris has you covered.

Save up your money its absolutely worth every penny!!


Written by Clay Leismeister


Ryan and Clay Leismeister

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it               Equipment: Rifle hunting in the Bushveld

Contact: 403 634 4188                        Next trip: 2016. "Save up Clay lets get you a big croc too"



Anthony and Gabby 2013

A couple both bow hunting in the Bushveld

Name: Anthony and Gabby







Bow Hunter - Elite

Trips to Africa: Lived in Africa but first hunting trip

Next trip: 2016 at the latest

Dream hunt:

Greatest hunt:


Hunting Area: Bushveld

Marken. Limpopo


Trophies hunted:

Zebras, Kudu, Mountain Reedbuck, Bushbuck


To do list:

Anthony would love to go Bow hunt the big

black death (Cape Buffalo) with his bow

and would love to take a bigger Kudu than Gabby

Gabby and Anthony

Day 1

Left Chile on a typically freezing morning.  nice view from the plain as we crossed the Andes on our way to Argentina.


Day 2

Flights delayed...lovely but a great view over the Eastern Cape as we come in to south Africa

Day 3

Anthony: pigs and Zebra

Anthony took a Zebra on 18m, 175 gr slicktrick, lover heart passthrough, he ran 80 m

Gabby one female pig.

Day 4  BAD weather

Anthony: Kudu, Waterbuck cow and small bull, impala and pigs.

Gabby:2 female pigs, weird impala (mountain reedbuck)

Day 5

Anthony: pigs, pigs, pigs and impala

Gabby; 3 Zebra right a dark.

Day 6

Anthony: Approx 20 Kudu bulls and cows shot at a monster kudu right a dark

Gabby: pigs.

Shot a Zebra and later a bushbuck

The Zebra come with a butterfly tattoo. the shot was at 16m, 125 gr slicktrick top heart shot passthrough.  he ran 40 m

the bushbuck was shot at 14m with 125 grizzly stick two blade. top heart shot pass through.  He ran 70m.  they are very fast!

Day 7

Anthony: He an Reon was tracking the entire day no luck.

Gabby: Duiker, pigs, heaps of Zebra. A big big kudu and at the same time my Waterbuck bull.


16 m, 125 gr grizzly stick 2 blade. top heart shot pass through. he ran 75m.


Anthony; baboon, piggies and 3 Gemsbuck but nothing would stand.

Gabby: Heard a brown hyena walk through but could not see it.  big bunch of Kudu come in but spooked 3m behind the blind. 3 big Gemsbuck come in but to dark to shoot.

Day 9 Better Weather

Anthony: Waterbuck cow and 3 little pigs

Gabby:Babysat 9 piglets for four hours, finally got them to leave.  Then nothing for 3 hours. Before dark a big steenbuck, just could not do it.


Just as last light started to fade a lone kudu bull.

16 m could hear him breathing. 125 gr German kinetic 2 blade. Shot pass through just above the heart, he ran 50 m


Day 10 our last hunting day

Horrible wind but shot a Mountain Reedbuck round 9.

17m, 125 gr spitfire, heart long shot. Ran 35 m.

Rabbits and Zebra come in later the afternoon.

Gabby: Next blind over piggs and Zebra

Shot a pig board just before dark.

19m, 125 gr grizzly stick fixed blade top heart shot he ran 40m.







Eric and Nicki 2013

Two couples with 3 bow hunters and one observer in the Bushveld



Name: Eric & Nicki

Phone: 920-858-2848

From: Wesconsin USA

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Archery: Mathews heli-M 125 Thunderhead

Maxima Hunter arrow

Vortex Optics and Rangefinder

Trips to Africa:  The first of many hopefully

Next trip: June 2015

Dream hunt:

Bow hunting Cape buffalo with Paul, guided by Reon and filmed by Nicki

Hunting Area:
Limpopo - Bushveld


Trophies hunted:

Duiker, Zebra, Blue wildebeest, Warthog,


To do list:

Come back for my Gemsbuck, Impala,

bushbuck and a Nyala






































Nicki - Story

Archery: Mathews heli-M

Maxima  arrows, Thunderhead broadheads

Vortex Optics and Rangefinder

Trips to Africa: The first of many hopefully

Next trip: June 2015

Dream hunt:

Honey Badger!  Ha-ha - not for real. I want to get one mounted eating a cobra or something tough.  I think they are the ultimate representation of how tough African animals truly are.

Hunting Area:
Limpopo - Bushveld


Trophies hunted:

Warthog, Guinea fowl ( but I passed on a ton of other animals since this was first bow hunt)

To do list:

Gun hunt a honey badger! ( I would bow hunt it, but I am pretty sure I will never get a bow and stringy arm muscles up to 80+ lbs it would need to put one down humanely..... )

Visit the Kruger National Park and in the far future, go to Cape Town.

Best Hunt, Best time, Best Trophies                                                          

This was far and away the best hunt I have ever been on.  Reon and Elmay were great hosts going above and beyond in too many ways to list.  We went with our good friends Paul and Lisa Mercier.  Paul and I have been dreaming of hunting Africa together for many years.  From the minute we got off the plane and met Reon until the time we got back on, the service provided by African Barefoot safaris exceeded all our expectations.

Our excuse for the trip was that Paul and Lisa were going to renew their vows in Africa after 20 years of marriage.  Elmay and the girls "hunted" for the perfect spot and spend lots of time prepping for the ceremony.  It was beautiful! And only took 2 hours out of our hunting time hehe.  Elmay also arranged for a custom made engagement ring to be hand made and delivered to us during our stay with them.  They helped to plan a very unique and special proposal. We can watch the video Reon made to recap on that moment: seeing the ring, arriving at the blind, flowers, champagne and Nicki saying "Sure" to the big questions.

Nicki and Lisa hunted with us quite a bit but also went on wonderful side trips that made the trip special for them too.

As for me I never left the blind and was mesmerized all day.

The Bow-hunt-only property was outstanding.  We saw lots of trophy animals, and the pit blinds, as well as the elevated blinds were all fist class.  They had plenty room for two people and strategically placed video recording openings.  The weather conditions really made our hunt difficult and the first few days were tough hunting.  Reon did everything he could to put things in our favor.  It was obvious that he cared about our hunt and success as much as we did.

I made a couple shots that were perfect for North America but back to far for African Game.  Reon and Sammy are relentless and proficient trackers.  I have never seen such team work while tracking.  When we recovered our animals Roan ensured that we had great photos and that we enjoyed the moment.

Being Nicki's first bow hunt, Reon treated her with patients, answered all her questions and guided her with great advice. We all celebrated her first Warthog!

As for me, my Kudu, Zebra, Duiker, Blue Wildebeest and Warthog are trophies that made my African dreams come true.

Getting engaged outside of Leopard Blind was icing on the cake.

Hunting at African Barefoot Safari's with Reon and Elmay is like hunting with friends and staying at your families hunting camp.  What more could you ask for...

We are rebooked for 2015 and counting the days.

Written by Eric Scott








Well, this "Trip of a Lifetime" quickly became a

"Lifetime Trip"!  I originally thought we would visit once between the hospitality, hunting and adventure, Eric and I are HOOKED.

We planned this trip for almost 2 years with our good friends Paul and Lisa.  Eric and Paul were stoked to experience their dream bow hunt, Liza was set to renew her 20 years of marriage and I was sort of along for the ride.

I left as most of the trip, up to surprise only knowing I wanted to 'bring home the bacon' with a warthog hunt and experience some African culture.  Everything surpassed my expectations!

I can't say enough about the van Tonder family and staff being THE game-changers for creating the unforgettable trip for us.

From a personal standpoint,  everyone made us feel like lifelong friends, even though it was our first

time. Reon and Elmay tirelessly answered all of our millions of questions with enthusiasm.  From a business standpoint, they had a tall order to fill with our group, but no matter the hurdle, they came through for us.

The van Tonders' excel at both hunting and non-hunting events. I really like the fact that they cater to both men AND women.  I got the perfect mix of beginner-level bow hunting as well as non-hunting South African Experiences.  Reon was patient and a good teacher with all things hunting related.  Sammy aka "Colgate" is the best one-eyed tracker on the planet. Paul and Liza's vow renewal was  absolutely beautiful due to Elmay's  persistence with the bushveld setting and accountrements.  Going on the elephant - back safari was a nature-inspired highlight.  Elmay was a delightful tour guide taking us shopping and exploring the area (making it a cultural eye-opener into the "real" South Africa. My surprise engagement to Eric was a behind-the-scenes jewelry debacle that Elmay helped turn into an unforgettable and magical moment.

I believe that everyone at African Barefoot safaris truly love the business because of the pride they take with it.  Because of them, we will be LIFELONG VISITORS!!  I am NOT getting paid to say this stuff-

I was deeply moved and inspired by our first trip to ABS.  Anyone is welcome to contact me/us with questions, concerns, or to just share details.



Paul and Lisa Mercier 2013

Two couples with 3 bow hunters and one observer in the Bushveld




Name: Paul and Lisa


From: Nampa Idaho

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it







Bow hunter

70 # Elite Answer

Easton Axis Arrows

Trips to Africa: 1

Next trip: June 2015

Dream hunt: Eric's Cape Buffalo hunt      described above plus a Leopard and                an archery Alaskan Brown Bear.

Hunting Area:
Limpopo - Bushveld


Trophies hunted:

Kudu, Zebra, Blue wildebeest, Gemsbuck,


To do list:

Big Impala Ram, Warthog, blesbuck,

bushbuck another Zebra.... and

Working for it till the last day

The trip all started with Eric and I's dream of archery hunting Africa.  My wife Lisa had a dream of renewing our wedding vows in a special location, so what a perfect combo.  The trip ended with my archery Kudu bull in the last 30 minutes of shooting light on the very last day.  Patience and perseverance does pay off.

After Eric, Nicki, Lisa & I had decided we were heading to Africa for the combo trip we had the opportunity to meet Reon while he was in the states.  We booked with Reon and we are very pleased we made that decision.  Reon and Elmay are terrific hosts going above and beyond to make sure all had a good time.  its easy to see they want you to have an enjoyable, successful trip.  The effort they put into the ceremony for renewing our vows was incredible as was the result of their efforts.

Unseasonable weather conditions made the hunting a challenge to start with. We had heavy dew so the animals did not have a high water requirement and we had a few days of high winds that made scent control challenging.  Make no mistake this is HUNTING. African animals are very wary and the slightest mistake will cost you.  Regardless the weather Reon remained positive and work hard to get us on some animals. The last couple of days the weather and our luck started to change.  I ended up leaving Africa with all the animals on my list but a Warthog.  Although I did see one the first day.

I am living proof that Reon will do everything he can to make sure you leave happy with your trophies.  Even with the unseasonable challenging weather to start the days were all enjoyable and your 10 days will be over before you know it.

I had a Kudu bull on the top of my list.  I pass a good younger one (that will grow hunge) on the 6 or 7th day. I had what I thought was my last opportunity on the 9th day when I had 2 Kudu bulls in and bumped a chair int the blind attempting to draw..As I said the slightest mistake will cost you. Lisa and I were just about ready to accept the fact I was going to go home without a Kudu.  Lisa spend several days in the blind with me.  As the light was fading on day 10, we noticed the long legs of Kudu moving through the bushed ahead.About 20 minutes later i could tell it was a shooter as he made a painfully slow walk in. You can not believe how cautious they are.  As it turned out it was the same Bulls from the night before.  I was able to take the larger one of the two and he expired before going even 100 yard.  That last minute last day Kudu bull was one of the most satisfying moments of my 30 years hunting life.

We are booked for 2015 and even with Lisa not being a hunter she is as ready to go back as I am.  If you enjoy good poeple and the outdoors you will appreciate this trip. Thanks to Reon, Elmay, Sammy, Salamina and the rest of the staff at African Barefoot Safaris for a trip and hunt of a lifetime

Congratulations to our dear friends Eric & Nicki on their engagement at the Leopard blind..  Who would have guessed South Africa was such a romantic place to go hunt


Written by Paul Mercier



Paul and Audrey 2012

A couple rifle hunting and observing




Name: Paul and Audrey

Phone: 801 791 2479

From: Salt Lake City

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it









Rifle hunter

300 Win Mag

Audrey hunted with a 200

Trips to Africa: 3

Next trip: 2014/2015

Dream hunt: If its in my scope and my heart skip a beat.

Hunting Area:
Limpopo - Bushveld


Trophies hunted:

Kudu, Red Hartebeest, Nyala, Zebra, Blue wildebeest, Warthog

To do list: A monster Eland and Blue Wildebeest

Audrey would love to come visit Cape town and buy a Zebra Handbag

Booking on the wild card: The new kid on the block African Barefoot Safaris

I booked a hunt and a trip to the Kruger National Park for June 2012.  I planned on my fiancee accompanying me on this trip and had some special request to insure she would find the trip enjoyable.  When Elmay responded to my request for Audrey she assured me she would be handling everything regarding the ladies side and not to worry about anything.

May I offer a very heartfelt thanks to Elmay.  You were instrumental in creating memories of a lifetime for Audrey and me.

On this trip we collected a Kudu, Red hartebeest, Nyala, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest and a Warthog.

Audrey's first African animal was a beautiful 53" Kudu followed up by a very respectable Red Hartebeest.  This was my 3rd trip to Africa and the first to South Africa.  The first day in the field I shot a beautifully stripped Blue Wildebeest cow for a rug.  The second day I took a very respectable Nyala after which we focused on Audrey's animals.  The next two days Audrey bagged both her animals and I collected the largest Zebra stallion taken by Barefoot Safaris to date.  The remainder of the hunt we spent tracking and spotting Eland and Blue wildebeest bulls.  While I had opportunities for very respectable animals of both species I held out for exceptional bulls.  On the closing day of my hunt I took a Big old Warthog.

Reon hunts large ranches which focus primarily on trophy quality wildlife management.  I saw number of Kudu bull over 50" and some pushing 60" mark.  We were up before daylight grabbed a cup of coffee with rusks, and out we went.  Hunting conditions usually dictate what time you return for brunch.  Then it was time to regroup grab coffee and go out hunting till dark. While hunting we came across a number of other very respectable animals that could have been harvested, I passed on these as my focus was on the two animals that by the end eluded me.

Your hunt can be easy or difficult, just remember the old bulls don't get old by being dumb!  We did a lot of foot work by choice, and even though the animals I wanted were there I didn't connect.  With that in mind and hind sight being 20/20 I woudn't change a thing.  We hunted hard almost everyday.  had a lot of laughs and I enjoyed every minute Reon and I spent together.

Reon is a young man and very accomplished for his years, full of life and takes great pride in the success of his hunters.  Audrey commented on how comfortable he made her feel when harvesting her animals.  He is very pleasant and never puts pressure on his clients to shoot.

The Kruger National Park was a great ending to a wonderful trip.  As we entered the park we saw a lioness with her cubs and as we left a group a lion males.  Reons knowledge of the bush and animal behavior ensured we saw buffalo, elephant, rhino, hippo and all the planes game.

Reon and Elmay make a wonderful team who always put their clients first.  they will work tirelessly to make your African trip and hunt a dream come true.  The accommodation were absolutely wonderful.  The food was great and always more than enough.  We enjoyed a number of evening meals in which a great deal of effort was made on behalf of Audrey and me to make them very special evenings.

The trip far exceeded our expectations.  Audrey and I cant thank African Barefoot Safaris enough.


Warm  Regard,

Paul & Audrey


Carm Mears and Skip White 2012

Two friends hunting with rifles in the Bushveld and Highveld

Name: Carm Mears











Name: Skip White






Rifle hunter

Trips to Africa:

Next trip:

Dream hunt:

Greatest hunt:


Hunting Area:
Highveld and Bushveld

Trophies hunted: Black and Blue wildebeest,

Gemsbuck, Impala, Kudu, Zebra, Waterbuck,



To do list:








Rile hunting

Trips to Africa:

Next trip:

Dream hunt:

Greatest Hunt:


Hunting Area: Bushveld and Highveld

Trophies hunted:

Black, Blue and Red Hartebeest, Blesbuck, Zebra,





Carm Mears


If you have decided that a hunting trip to South Africa is in your future you now have the daunting task of selecting your Professional hunter.  there are many to choose from but I can assure you that none have the reputation and skill of African Barefoot Safaris with Reon van Tonder.  My hunting safaris was in October 2012 and Reon, with his wife Elmay slong with support of Sammy Salomina and assistant Ph Henning, made sure that everything was efficiently taken care of which allowed the maximum time for hunt.


We covered both the Highveld and Bushveld during our nine days of hunting and it was directly due to Reon's ability and instinct as a PH that I was able to take 9 very fine animals.

I was treated more like a family member rather than a client which made the atmosphere very relaxing and conductive to having the experience of a live time.


There is no bull crap with Reon and his honesty and integrity mesh perfectly with his talent as a tracker and hunter.  in my opinion Reon and his team at African Barefoot Safaris is simply the best


The High of the Highveld & Bushveld Rush

Hi my name is Skip and was hunting with my Buddy, Carm in October 2012.

If you are looking for a lifetime big game hunt experience and you like the rush and heart pounding excitement of tracking your own game, then African Barefoot Safaris is the right choice for you.  We met Reon and Henning at the Johannesburg airport and were assisted with checking in our firearms through customs.  Followed by a 2 hour drive to the the lodge in the Highveld. We arrived at our destination at night so we could not see the beautiful landscape.  At first light though while enjoying our coffee on the back porch, the lodge and view were definitely more than I expected.  The Lodge was spacious, clean and well maintained.The staff was courteous and the cooks prepared meals well.  the awesome view from the porch included large rock formations and open plains with different herds of animals roaming.  After a wonderful hot breakfast, we headed out for our first hunt.

My first morning hunt began with bagging a large zebra with my Savage 30.06. The excitement continued over the next few days getting a black wildebeest , red heartebeest and a large Blesbuck and Impala.

The next hunting area, the bushveld was very much different from the first, and I really enjoyed the camp. The thick bush made it difficult to see the animals but the Ph Reon and Henning were on top of their game with their keen tracking and spotting skills. The lodge were a more rustic type camp with hot water that are heated in 30 gallon barrels over a fire. Providing for a nice hot shower every evening.  We enjoyed evenings sitting around the fire pit, sharing stories and thinking about how lucky we are to be fulfilling a lifetime dream of hunting in South Africa.  Thanks to the keen tracking and spotting skills of my PH I bagged a Kudu and Waterbuck in the bushveld.  My African Barefoot Safari was a great success and I look forward to another trip.

Just wanted to add a special thanks to Elmay (Reons wife) for making us feel right at home during lunched and breaks.  Also to Sammy for his keen Skinning skills and preparing our trophies four mounting and flat rugs.

Thanks to Carm Mears for joining me our hunt went perfectly!


Written by Skip White

Shane Gehring and Sam Wells 2011

Two friends hunting with bow and rifle combining the Bushveld and Highveld



Name: Shane Gehring

Phone: 208 249 1342

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





Name: Sam Wells

Phone: 208 250 5804

Email: non




Bow Hunter

BowTech Destroyer 340

Trips to Africa: 2

Next trip: 2014

Dream hunt: Cape Buffalo

Greatest hunt with African Barefoot Safaris:

My black faced Impala


Hunting Area:
Gauteng & Limpopo

Bushveld, Lowveld and Highveld


Trophies hunted: Impala, Blesbuck, Bushbuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Gemsbuck, Kudu, Warthog, Blue Wildebeest, Nyala and Baboon


To do list: Cape Buffalo with Reon and my Bow and a 12 foot Croc!



Sam Wells


Hoyt Trykon

Trips to Africa: 3

Next trip: 2014

Dream hunt: Leopard

Greatest hunt with African Barefoot Safaris:

My Black Wildebeest within four hours of our first day hunting in the Highveld


Hunting Area:
Gauteng & Limpopo

Bushveld, Lowveld and Highveld


Trophies hunted: Impala, Waterbuck, Warthog, Kudu, Duiker, Blue Wildebeest, Black Wildebeest, Baboon, Bushbuck, Gemsbuck and Nyala


To do list: Grand slam of sheep

Trade my Hoyt for a BowTech like Reon and Shane

Shane and Sam's trip to Africa

(Written by Shane)

Our first goal of the trip was to get Sam a Black Wildebeest. We had set aside 4 Days to accomplish this and Sam ended up getting a huge bull, four hours into the first day! The hunt was anything but easy. The winds were blowing in excess of 30 mph and weather conditions did not favor a bowhunter for this elusive species.

This was a great example of the work Reon does for his hunter by scouting and seeking out the best places fot his clients to hunt, before they arrive. You are not limited to the property of just one Safari company. This Wildebeest was at the top of Sam's list and Reon was able to make this dream happen.

Sam had taken a hugs Blue Wildebeest on a previous trip (also with Reon) and this finished out the "Wildebeest Double". A lifetime dream come true

We then moved to the Lowveld and hunted on several properties ranging from just under 2000 acres to 50 000 acres.


I was next to strike- taking a huge Impala ram, a Baboon and a Blue Wilde Beest bull all in the same day! I then took a black faced Impala ram the next day. What an exiting hunt.

I hunted on four different days trying to take a huge Bushbuck that Reon had gotten trail cam pictures of. This is another great exasmple of the work Reon does for you to make it the best possible hunt. I finally got an arrow in him, as the light was fading, but was unable to find him that night. The next day Reon and I tracked him down, Reon finished him with a bullet. This was my choice. The Bushbuck had jumped the string and the shot had gone forward. No Whitetail or Antelope can jump a string better than a bushbuck, often called the African Whitetail. I was not certain I could get another arrow in him and did not want him to suffer. If he had been a bow kill only he would be number 12 in the world but even in the overall SCI book he ranks very high scoring "gold"


Another day and another big impala ram!

Next I harvested a Gemsbuck and later the same day a very nice Mountain Reedbuck at 10 yards.


Sam also got a big Gemsbuck an Impala ram and doe, two Baboons and a Bushbuck to go along with his great Black Wildebeest.


All horned trophies will easily qualify for the SCI Record book. This was a dream hunt that was made possible because of the hard work, both before our arrival and during our stay.Thanks to my professional hunter Reon van Tonder. I have hunted twice with Reon as my guide and taken 16 animals and all but two mke the SCI Record book!


Looking forward to visiting my hunting friend again!


Richard Kayser 2010 ( One on one Rifle hunt-Bushveld)



Name: Richard Kayser

Phone: 208 250 2532

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






Rifle hunter

Chapuis Frensh made side by side double rifle

9,3 X 74 R

Norma Oryx 285 gr soft point

Trips to Africa: 2

Next trip: 2011 / 2012

Dream hunt: Sable

Greatest hunt with African Barefoot Safaris:

My Kudubull in2010


Hunting Area:
Yes - Bushveld, Lowveld Steenbokpan area Limpopo province


Trophies hunted: Caracal,Kudu,Waterbuck and Gemsbuck


To do list: SABLE,triple slam Blesbucks and I think a big old blueneck Eland Bull!!!

Richard Kayser just finished his very first hunt with African Barefoot Safaris. He is a very accomplished hunter that have hunted both buffalo and elephant before. This was his first trip to South Africa to take down some of our greatest trophies.


He landed on 9th of April and the weather just started clearing up after some late season rainfall. We hunted up in Limpopo province. Bushveld country! Saturday morning we woke up in hunting camp with the sound of African birds, the sunrise bright and the energy that only African hunters will understand.


First on the list was the grey ghost. The greater Kudu did not give us much time for photos but we got on his tract. With some skill full tracking we were able to stalk up to about 100 yards from this great mature bull. Richard took one shot and it was in the bag.


Driving around later that same day we fist noticed the smell of the Waterbuck and just about the same time got a glimps of him. Richard made a great shot and took him down two. We had to track and stalk the gemsbuck for about 3 days. This was worth the time and effort and now have a stunning Gemsbuck trophy also in the bag!


What a trip and what an experience!




Reon van Tonder:



Name: Reon van Tonder

Phone: +27 11 27 82 414 7597


Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bow Hunter - Rifle hunter
Bow Tech Airborne 101
75 pound with 450 gr arrows

Trips to Africa: 3

Next trip: 2010

Dream hunt: Buffalo, Tiny ten with my bow

Greatest hunt: 55" kudu W&S


Hunting Area:
Yes - Bushveld, Lowveld
Not Yet - Highveld, Zululand


Trophies hunted: Kudu, Warthog, Blesbuck, Springbuck, Redhartbeest, Jackal


To do list: Buffalo, Gemsbuck, blackwildebeest Zebra

I love every moment in the Bush, whether it is behind my scope of my 375 H&H or with my Bow Tech hiding in the bushes.

My love for hunting is not a new thing, I have been hunting since I was 7 years old. I don’t really think hunting "meerkats" counts
but for me the thrill of the chase was addictive.

My greatest hunt ever was the 55" Kudu with my bow. We went out early the morning stalking the great majestic gray ghost. Round 10 that morning we (me and Chuckie) found him in some thick bush. The wind was perfect and the females behind us kept his interest. We waited as he came closer and closer. We knew if we made a sound or even the smallest of moves the hunt was over. I waited till he was on 40 yards and pulled back. I waited at full draw in overwhelming anticipation until he was on 30 yards. I took the shot and then breathed which felt like the first time since the hunt started. WHAT A RUSH WHAT A TROPHY

My hunting dreams is long and divers but mostly long for the day I get to hunt the African Buffalo- The Black death. I also would love to take up the challenge to hunt the tiny 10 without exception with my bow.

This could be you:








Bow Hunter - Rifle hunter

Trips to Africa:

Next trip:

Dream hunt:

Greatest hunt:


Hunting Area:


Trophies hunted:


To do list:

You could be telling the world your African hunting stories next!


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